Monday, November 1, 2010

Spiritual perspective makes a difference

Today is a rainy, late October day in Iowa with unusually strong winds blowing down many of the remaining red and golden leaves from the trees.  The lead news stories of the day are reports of airport closings and warnings of potential tornadoes.  Trepidation has caused canceling of some activities and has kept a few from venturing out to work. 

I contrast the atmosphere of apprehension associated with today’s blustery conditions with my happy experience in similar weather while growing up on a farm.  We lived in a house built out of two sturdy log cabins that were connected together and furnished with conveniences of electricity and plumbing of the day.  A feature I remember fondly was the tin roof over the porch just outside of the bedroom that my brother and I shared.  The sound of wind and rain on that roof was comforting to me, the louder the better.  I felt that I was in a safe place no matter what was going on outside.  That feeling of comfort stayed with me even when I went outside to do my chores, relishing the bursts of wind that I could lean against.

These contrasting takes on similar blustery conditions - - one of trepidation and the other of comfort - - remind me that perspective makes a huge difference to one’s experience.  Two individuals in similar circumstances may perceive the situation very differently.  Each is valid according to the observer’s perspective.  Yet one's perspective will lead to actions that result in a stressful or peaceful outcome. 

This brings me to the reason for this blog.  This blog is an extension of my work answering questions and sharing information about Christian Science in the state of Iowa with members of the media, legislators and others interested in Christian Science.  The blog gives me the opportunity to share my deep love for this Science that has been my foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Christian Science teachings bring forward a Christ-based, purely spiritual view and understanding of reality.  This view is radically different than one that starts with the material or physical view that we generally have in front of us.  These different perspectives, spiritual contrasted with material, produce different outcomes.  Christian Science, starting with a spiritual perspective, applies a spiritually scientific method to problems and situations of all kinds, including physical ills, with healing as its proof.  In fact, Christian Science is best understood through healing experiences in a similar way that one understands how to drive a car by driving.  

Through the Christian Science system of healing I have regained good eyesight after 40 years of wearing glasses, overcome a paralyzing and painful condition on one side of my body, and experienced a restored hand following a work related injury.  Putting into daily practice what I am learning through study allows me to remain conscious of God’s always present power and protection, even under threatening conditions.  These healing experiences have showed me in a very real way that my relation to God is close and allowed me to feel that I can trust His power.  And this is what is meant by healing in Christian Science, which is seeing good results from trusting a spiritual rather than a material perspective.

In discussions with others, I have heard it said that Christian Science treatment based on prayer is equivalent to doing little or nothing.  On the contrary, the healings I have experienced have shown me that the perspective from a spiritual understanding of God brings about physical healing.

So what does spiritual power have to do with a rainy, windy day?  Perspective.  I might feel tossed and controlled by conditions of the weather and other physical conditions of health or illness.  However, a foundation of trust in the very present power of God allows me to feel confident that divine good controls the outcome, even in the midst of material bluster.  Prayer can bring this view into focus.

Watch this blog for more on the healing perspective of Christian Science and its practical approach to living.